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Premier Clearance Center of Metairie - Alignment

Premier Clearance Center of Metairie - Alignment

The addition of power steering to almost every vehicle on the planet has made driving much more effortless. Drivers are not forcing the wheels of their car or truck so much as making the suggestion and letting the mechanic devices do the heavy lifting. But the downside of this power assist is that vehicle owners often forget about the importance of wheel alignment. In most cases, we wait until there is a severe drift or pull on the steering wheel before making an appointment for professional alignment service. But you can save yourself some money and increase the safety of your vehicle with regular alignment service from Premier Clearance Center of Metairie, just north of New Orleans.

Why Trust Premier Clearance Center for Your Alignment?

Your vehicle is a significant investment and one that you should protect with high-quality service. And who better to trust for wheel alignments and all vehicle maintenance than the dealership where you purchased it? During your purchase experience, you discovered that the Premier Clearance Center team offered more than just a wide selection of vehicles at affordable prices.

We were happy to offer our services for financing, trading in your old car, and anything else you needed to complete your purchase. And now that you need service, we are here for you again. All of our alignment work is done through our trusted partner Premier Nissan of Metairie. Their factory-trained technicians complete all of the work in a state-of-the-art facility with top-quality OEM parts.

The Value of Professional Wheel Alignment Service

When a vehicle is new, the front wheels are in alignment, and it is easy to drive down the road in a straight line. The steering wheel does not pull in your hands or vibrate. But as you drive, hit potholes, and travel over bumpy or uneven roads, that perfect alignment changes. And the more it changes, the more the vehicle tends to drift, eventually becoming unsafe to drive. And throughout this process, the misalignment causes unnecessary wear to your tires and substantially shortens their lifespan.

Signs That Your Vehicle Needs an Alignment

You might not recognize all of the indications that your car is due for an alignment. Some of the signs are subtle, and others could be mistaken for poor quality road surfaces or tire issues. But if you continue to experience any of the following, it is time to visit Premier Clearance Center in Metairie for alignment service:

  • The vehicle shakes when moving
  • The steering wheel wobbles or vibrates significantly
  • It is more challenging to turn a corner
  • The steering wheel is turned slightly when you are driving straight

When you experience any of these steering issues, make the smart choice. Seek help from the pros immediately. Prompt attention is the best way to avoid excessive damage to your tires and eliminate the risk of a severe accident. Stop by Premier Clearance Center in Metairie for affordable solutions. We are just a short drive from Baton Rouge.

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