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There is nothing worse than being stranded because of a dead battery in your car, truck, or van. And it inevitably happens at the worst possible time. You are late for an appointment, work, or some other commitment. Then, there is the high cost of having a repair service come to you to replace the battery. But all of this stress and expense can be easily avoided when you take advantage of battery service at Premier Clearance Center in Metairie. We are close to your home or workplace in Kenner or Hammond.

Why Trust Premier Clearance Center of Metairie?

Trust is not something that just happens. It needs to be earned. And when you purchased your vehicle at Premier Clearance Center, you learned that we are here to meet all of your vehicle needs. Our focus was not just to sell you your new vehicle. Our goal was to forge a strong relationship built on trust, to earn your future business.

So when you need battery service, you know that you can trust us and our service partners at Premier Nissan of Metairie. We have selected this team of professionally trained vehicle technicians because we know that they have the skills and expertise that Premier Clearance Center customers deserve. They provide reliable battery service and all other vehicle services at an affordable price and backed by a complete warranty.

Signs Your Car Battery Is About to Leave You Stranded

In most cases, your vehicle’s battery will provide you with a few warning signs before it leaves you stranded in a parking lot somewhere or stuck at home when you should be on your way to work. The most common and noticeable indications that your battery is about to fail include:

  • Dimming Headlights: when the battery can no longer power all of your vehicle’s electrical components, you will notice that your headlights appear to be dimming
  • Clicking Sounds: when you turn the key in the ignition, your vehicle’s battery sends current to the starter solenoid, but a weak battery will have trouble activating the solenoid, and you will hear it clicking before starting your vehicle
  • Slow Crank: If it is taking longer for your car, truck, or van to start, it is time to look into a new battery
  • Backfiring: with inconsistent sparks coming from an almost worn-out battery, you could notice that your vehicle is suddenly backfiring, and it is time to take your vehicle in for service before you get stranded somewhere

A battery test is a fast and simple way to know if your battery is nearing the end of its life. At Premier Clearance Center of Metairie, you can stop in to have a battery test completed at any time. This quick stop will let you know that your battery is fine and there is no reason to worry, or that you have made a wise choice and saved yourself from being stuck with a car, truck, or van that will not start.

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