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Suspension Service Near Metairie, LA
Suspension Service Near Metairie, LA

Suspension Service at Premier Clearance Center Metairie

Your vehicle’s suspension system is a critical part of the steering and management of a car, truck, SUV, or minivan. This system includes the struts and shocks along with the wheel axles that connect the wheels to the vehicle. It takes a lot of abuse, especially if you drive over rough terrain. You can have your vehicle suspension system serviced at Premier Clearance Center Metairie.

How to Know Your Suspension Needs to Be Repaired

Your vehicle will show signs when the suspension components are wearing out and not doing their jobs. Here are some things to look for to help you know when you should bring in your vehicle for service.

  • Brake issues – if your brakes don’t need replaced but the vehicle still takes longer to stop, it may mean your suspension needs repaired.
  • Strange noises – You may hear squeaking or other sounds coming from your vehicle when you hit a bump in the road or a pothole, which indicates suspension issues.
  • A bouncy ride – If your vehicle bounces up and down or sways side to side as you drive, it is a strong indicator of suspension problems.

You can also perform your own visual inspection to check the suspension. Look at your vehicle and notice if the front or rear or one side is lower than the other. Look for oil or grease around the struts or shocks, which indicate they are leaking.

Pay attention to how the vehicle performs at certain points. If it takes a nosedive when you stop suddenly or drags when accelerating quickly, your suspension may not be working as well as it should. You’ll also notice a difference in the way it rides, which means less comfort for you and your passengers.

Many models have separate suspension systems for the front and rear. Only one may need repaired, but both should be inspected.

Dangers of a Damaged Suspension

When your suspension isn’t in optimal working condition, it makes for a rough ride. Unfortunately, it can also make for a more dangerous ride. The vehicle may take longer to stop, which could lead to an accident if you run into another vehicle or can’t stop in an intersection.

Bad suspension can also increase your risk for a rollover, especially for models with a higher risk in the first place. This can include trucks and SUVs with a higher center of gravity. You may find it more difficult to handle your vehicle on the highway as it bounces and sways.

You may also want to have other systems which are related to the suspension system inspected as well. This includes the steering system and the tires and wheels. Since all of these components work closely with each other, problems in one area can impact the others.

For all your suspension service needs, contact Premier Clearance Center of Metairie. Let us help you stay safe on the road with a vehicle you can enjoy driving.