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Tire Service Near Metairie, LA
Tire Service Near Metairie, LA

Tire Service at Premier Clearance Center Metairie

Tires are one of the most important safety components on your vehicle. They are responsible for getting you where you need to go, mile after mile. With so much wear and tear, it’s easy to see how they need repaired or replaced over time. When your tires need care, bring your vehicle by Premier Clearance Center Metairie for service.

Need New Tires?

After putting a lot of miles on your current set of tires, it may be time for a new set. Age as well as wear and tear can increase the risk for a flat tire or blowout. You’ll find a great selection of brands and sizes at Premier Clearance Center Metairie. Our service team will help you select the right set for your budget and get them installed. See our specials to get a great deal on service and parts.

Regular Tire Service

To keep your tires in optimal shape and providing a secure ride, you need to take care of them. Have your tires serviced at Premier Clearance Center Metairie. Our technicians will check your tires and let you know when it is time for replacement.

Tire Rotations

One important service for your tires is to have regular rotations. This means that your tires are turned and moved to another location on your vehicle. This routine maintenance task allows for more even wear. They have better contact with the road, providing a safer ride. You also get better performance with tires that wear evenly.

Tire Repairs

If you’ve ever run over a curb or even just a nail in the street, you’ve probably heard that tell-tale swooshing sound that lets you know air is leaving your tire. Or perhaps you went to leave for work or to go home and saw a flat tire. You can get that tire patched or plugged at Premier Clearance Center Metairie. We can quickly fix your damaged tire, so you can get back on the road.

Tire Pressure

To help your tires function longer and have fewer flats, you need to keep them inflated at the correct amount of pressure recommended by the manufacturer. Tire pressure varies by the tire, which is listed on the tire. The pressure in your tires can change with a slow leak or even with a change in temperature. Our team can check the pressure and inflate the tire to the correct amount to improve your vehicle’s efficiency and performance.

Tire Tread

Your tires tell a lot about the condition of your vehicle. When you bring your vehicle to Premier Clearance Center Metairie, we’ll look at your tread to see if the wheels are out of alignment or if the suspension needs repaired. Once we make a diagnosis of the issue, we’ll work to get it fixed and get you back on the road.

Let us help you keep your vehicle in prime condition and your tires providing optimal performance. Stop by Premier Clearance Center Metairie to have your tires serviced, repaired, or replaced.

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