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Chrysler is an American auto manufacturer that has developed iconic vehicles like the classic Imperial and the more common Chrysler 200. The manufacturer also offers Dodge minivans and crossovers, as well as light and medium-duty trucks.

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The History of Chrysler

Chrysler vehicles were first introduced in 1924 on January 5th at a New York Automobile show just one year before the Chrysler Corporation itself was created. These cars had a new high-compression six-cylinder, carburetor air cleaner, a seven-bearing crankshaft, four-wheel hydraulic brakes, and a replaceable oil filter. Features such as these had never been offered in a medium-priced vehicle before.

Chrysler introduced the Chrysler 70 in 1926, named after its ability to hit 70 miles per hour. Then in 1927 Chrysler introduced three more models, the Chrysler 50, 60, and the Imperial 80. Chrysler was fourth place in sales in the auto industry with 192,082 units delivered. After this, Chrysler invested $23 million to expand its plants in 1928.

Once 1930 came along, Chrysler began wiring the Chrysler Model 70 and 77 for radios and become the first car to offer the downdraft carburetor in its models. Chrysler models received lots of improvement in 1933 including a new three-speed manual transmission that used helical gears. The engines also received new alloy valve seats for better reliability and new spring shackles for improved lubrication.

By the 1940s Chrysler had introduced sealed beam headlights on its vehicles which in turn improved visibility by 50%. The Highlander was introduced mid-year as a special edition that featured a popular Scottish plaid interior. At the end of the year in 1949, Chrysler moved the ignition to key instead of having a key and push-button. Also introduced was the nine-passenger station wagon body style.

Later on, in 1989 Chrysler reintroduced the Town & Country as a luxury rebadged variant of the Dodge Grand Caravan for the 1990 model year and went on to sell this model until the end of 2016 when Chrysler introduced the Pacifica. Chrysler saw the brand moving into the fast-growing crossover/SUV segment with the introduction of the Pacifica in 2004. Chrysler offered a two=seat coupe and convertible model between 2004 and 2008 called Crossfire, which was an addition to the five-seat Sebring coupe.

Chrysler Today

Today, Chrysler is a family brand with sedans and minivans and has formed an alliance with Fiat to create Fiat Chrysler vehicles. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is one of the most powerful and profitable automotive groups in America and abroad.

Chrysler has also unveiled the Chrysler Airflow Concept, announcing their commitment to launch its first battery-electric vehicle by 2025. Plans for a full battery-electric vehicle are in the portfolio for 2028. The Chrysler Airflow Concept will integrate leading drive system technology with intuitive AI technology that delivers a 350 to a 400-mile range of power with fast charging functions.

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