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Honda has become a leader in the automobile industry with many models receiving major recognition. The manufacturer has built a solid reputation of durability and reliability. With headquarters in Japan, Honda vehicles have won acclaim globally.

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The Beginnings of Honda

The founder of Honda, Soichiro Honda, began his career as a mechanic. He founded his first business in 1937, which made piston rings. Under this company, Honda made piston rings for Toyota. Toyota later took a stake in the company. Honda left to form another company, which built motorized bicycles. The company became Honda Motor Co. Ltd.

It took only a few years for Honda to become the largest manufacturer of motorcycles in the world. The move to automobiles came in 1963 with a mini truck. It was known as the T360. That same year, the S500 sports car went into production.

In 1983, Honda introduced the Acura to America as a luxury brand. By 1990, Honda saw the first manufacturing plant come to America in Ohio. However, the death of Soichiro Honda was one factor that saw the manufacturer lose traction as other Japanese automakers gained market share. As the SUV developed popularity in the 1990s, Honda wasn’t prepared for the boom in this segment, another reason it lost market share temporarily.

The Honda Civic is the longest running model from Honda. It is also the second longest running model among all brands. Along with the Civic, the Prelude and Accord were sold in America until the 1990s when new models were added.

Honda entered the truck market with the Ridgeline while also developing hybrid models to appeal to a new audience. The manufacturer continues to innovate and develop new technology to appeal to today’s drivers.

Honda responded quickly by introducing the Odyssey and CR-V. At the same time, the focus shifted away from some of the cars, which weren’t as popular with the public. After dealing with these challenges, Honda has continued to grow in the US with revenue increasing every year.

Honda Models Today

Honda has a wide range of models in its lineup. Fans of the SUV will find plenty of options under the Honda brand. The HR-V is a compact SUV while the CR-V is a step up with a hybrid version as well. Popular models today are the Honda Pilot and Honda Passport, which are both full-size SUVs for families or those who like more room and more power.

The Civic is still well-loved by buyers along with the Accord. Honda now offers the Insight as well as a hybrid Accord and the Clarity Plug-in hybrid and fuel cell. For hatchbacks, the Civic has two options – the base and the Civic Type R. For a broad lineup, Honda has the Ridgeline truck and the Odyssey minivan. There is something for every kind of buyer, all loaded with the latest in technology and amenities.

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