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Lexus, which many people recognize as the luxury lineup of the Japanese automobile brand Toyota, began driving under the Lexus emblem In 1989. Since then, the brand has grown by leaps and bounds into what is currently one of the most coveted luxury brands in the United States. The brand is relatively new compared to many others but has seen amazing growth since its original founding. Like many automakers, Lexus’s initial release was entirely based on the success of their flagship vehicle, and as the brand continued to grow, so did its reputation. For all Lexus drivers or enthusiasts of Metairie, New Orleans, and Kenner, take a look at a brief overview of the Lexus brand. You can find a quality pre-owned Lexus when you visit us at Premier Clearance Center Metairie.

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Lexus’s origins as Toyota’s response to the creation of Japanese competitors Nissan and Honda as they developed the higher-tier Infiniti and Acura lines respectively. In 1983, Toyota chairman Eiji Toyoda initiated a challenge to build the world’s best car, and 6 years later the first Flagship of Lexus was released as the Lexus LS 400 Sedan. After a year, the LS 400 sold nearly 64,000 vehicles, and the brand began limited exports to the UK, Canada, Australia, and Switzerland. Modern and comfortable vehicles lead to Lexus’s successes throughout the next few years, but in 1995 tariffs and taxes threatened Lexus’s global ability to export their vehicles. Once normal sales operations resumed later that year, Lexus added more models to its lineup and expanded outward to the United States and South America.

First Lexus Models

Lexus began their upscale legacy with its flagship model, the LS 400. The LS 400 sold around 64,000 copies in the first year, but they also had a few other best sellers including the ES 250 sedan and the SC 400 coupe. The SC 400 was the first-ever coupe released by Lexus and had an impressive V8 engine and rear wheel drive design that was shared with the SC-400. The second-generation ES-300 sedan became the bestselling Lexus sedan throughout the entirety of the 1990s. The first SUV from Lexus was the LX 450, and a little later on their first crossover, the RX 300, that targeted suburban buyers who didn’t need the LX’s off-road functionality.

Most Popular Lexus Models

Today Lexus has a massive collection of vehicles that have climbed to the top of their segment and made their own history within the brand. These models include the Lexus CT, a 5-door hatchback from 2010 that was one of Lexus’s best-selling hybrid electric vehicles. The Lexus GX line of SUVs started in 2002 but remains a popular figure in the Lexus family, with exciting safety features, high horsepower, and a comfortable cabin for seven.

Lexus Today

For the modern Lexus, the brand is shifting more and more towards a collection of hybrid and electric vehicles as laws and regulations step up in monitoring air emissions. The brand also celebrates a motorsports division, which has seen a line of outstanding wins since its start in 1999. Lexus currently shares many plants with its parent company Toyota, of which there are ten scattered in their country of origin of Japan, as well as throughout the world.