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Ford Throughout Time

Ford Motors is one of America’s oldest and longest running car companies. Staying in the Ford Family’s control for over 100 years, the automotive giant is one of the world’s most well-known brands. Ford has models for any buyers’ needs, including sports and luxury lines for those looking for something extra in their vehicle.

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History of Ford Motor Company

Henry Ford founded this company in 1903, after a failed attempt to start a previous automotive company that later evolved into Cadillac Motors. The first Ford factory was in Detroit, with the capability of making 3-4 vehicles a day.

The company’s goal in its early days was to make cars more affordable for the middle class using more efficient assembly methods, and in 1913 Henry Ford developed the world’s first assembly line for vehicle manufacturing. Along with serving as a leader in assembly-line methods, Henry Ford eventually brought much of their part production under the company’s umbrella instead of outsourcing vehicle components.

With their improved manufacturing methods, the Ford company was able to increase their vehicle creation to several thousand per year between 1908 and 1913. The Model T was released in 1908 and sold millions of the first mass-produced vehicle within 20 years. Their next model, the Model A, was the first to have safety glass installed in the windshield and would later be the first car company to incorporate rear seatbelts.

In 1922, Ford developed their luxury line under the name Lincoln, and in the 1930’s released Mercury as a higher priced companion to ford vehicles. Some of the more widely known models that are still in production today include the Ford F-150, the Ford Mustang, and the Ford Bronco.

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A Modern Ford Motor Company

The Ford Company has since remained in family control since its creation. Their market spans worldwide, as well as subsidiary companies in Russia, South Korea, and Africa. Ford is a major leader in not only consumer vehicles, but also have the largest market share of Fleet sales, buses, farm equipment, and run several research and development centers globally.

Their consumer vehicle line is still in extremely high demand throughout the world. They reach a vast variety of demographics, from utility vehicles, commuter cars, luxury vehicles, sports cars, and family vehicles. Ford continues to innovate based off current market trends and community needs. Popular models through the years have include the F-150, the Taurus, the Focus, the Ranger, and the Explorer.

The Ford Company has worked to produce several vehicles that are in high demand in the electric and hybrid consumer markets. These models include the Ford Fusion and the Mach-E, and are evolving classic models to be more energy efficient, including a hybrid Explorer and a hybrid Escape.