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One of Japan’s oldest automotive companies, Nissan, persists through the ages as a global leader in the automotive industry. Enjoying a worldwide market, Nissan has acted as a technological innovator since its humble beginnings and provides trusted vehicles for any need.

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The Evolution Of Nissan

Nissan’s roots began in 1911 as Japan’s first automobile manufacturer under the name Kaishinsha Motor Car works. Their first model was a vehicle called DAT, which is an acronym of the names of the three primary investors. These vehicles were manufactured in their first plant in Yokohama, Japan. Through a series of ownership changes and mergers, Nissan, the brand we know today, was first used officially in 1933. Nissan, during this time, sold cars under the Infiniti and Datsun names and continues to do so today.

Company founder Rokuro Aoyama ventured to Detroit in 1908, and since then, the way Nissan designed and manufactured cars was changed forever. This, along with the company’s acquisition of American engineer William Gorham, shaped everything about Nissan that we know today.

In 1944, the main headquarters for Nissan were moved to Nihonbashi Tokyo. Datsuns continued to be manufactured, the most widely produced was the Austin 7. The Austin 7 put the brand on the map as a major player in the auto industry as it used an advanced four-cylinder engine, and these sedans were a major competitor in local markets.

In the 1950’s, Nissan expanded to worldwide markets. They had made several advances in their upscale models including the Datsun 510 and the Datsun Fairlady Roadster. By the 1970’s Nissan had become one of the world’s largest vehicle exporters.

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Today’s Nissan Vehicles

Nissan rose to the occasion to meet modern-day demands of mass-produced vehicles. They have four plant locations in the United States and several scattered throughout the world including India and Mexico.

The company has expanded to having models for any need across the board. Their Altima and Maxima lines are their famed sedans ready for the whole family. They also have commercial vehicles as well as trucks that include the Titan and the Frontier. Their response to meet demand for the crossover and SUV trend has been enormous, and includes models such as the Murano, the Pathfinder, the Rogue, and the Armada.

With the automobile industry heading towards greener horizons, Nissan has built a line of strong and dependable electric and hybrid vehicles. These vehicles include their flagship electric car, the Nissan Leaf, which is their contribution to technological innovation in the world of smart vehicles.

Their subsidiary companies, Datsun and Infiniti also continue to thrive after over 100 years. Infiniti vehicles throughout the years represents Nissan’s luxury vehicle sedans. Datsuns continue to thrive as Nissan’s companion vehicle line which provides a lower price point for smaller crossover vehicles and hatchbacks.