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The Nissan Versa is a versatile, subcompact vehicle manufactured in Japan and is one of the last subcompact Nissans still in production due to its popularity and high sales volume. First introduced in 2006 and still being produced today, the Nissan Versa gets its name from the word “versatile.” Meaning its interior space is larger than expected and is versatile enough to accommodate almost anything you will be taking with you as you journey the roads. Here at Premier Clearance Center Metairie, we are proud to serve the cities of Metairie, New Orleans, Kenner, and many more. If you have any questions or would like to check out a Nissan Versa firsthand, come on down for a visit today!

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Why Choose a Nissan Versa?

Known for its interior space and excellent mpg ratings, the Nissan Versa has been a popular vehicle since its debut in 2006. Since it was first introduced there have been three generations of the sedan version, each boasting improvements in design and style from its previous generations and also offered in the first-generation Versa hatchback and the Versa Note line. The Nissan Versa is built on what is known as Nissan’s “B” platform. This means Nissan put greater emphasis on the interior vehicle when it comes to space and comfortability rather than under the hood. Although it may seem like a smaller vehicle at first, the interior space is truly remarkable for a vehicle in its class.

Spacious and Comfy Interior Space

In many vehicles with smaller interior space, the front passengers will have to move their seats up to make room for passengers in the rear, making the ride less comfortable for all passengers. Not so with the Nissan Versa. There is plenty of leg space for both front and rear passengers with ample headspace for everyone taking a ride. The cargo area is also larger than would be expected and allows you to take more gear with you on every adventure. The interior design of the cabin stresses a simple, straightforward design while maintaining a dynamic and stylish feel.

Excellent Performance

Although the Nissan Versa was designed to be more cabin-centric, it still holds its own under the hood. The most recent version of the Nissan Versa offers an amazing 32 mpg city and 40 mpg highway and 122 horsepower, with older models coming in pretty close to these same numbers. The engine has been designed with a longer-than-normal wheelbase that offers a smooth ride and effective operation to give the driver as much control as possible while out on the roads. The engine comes in sizes between 1.6 liters to 1.8 liters depending on the year.

Step-Up in Quality at an Affordable Price

Most cars have to sacrifice quality to make them more affordable. One of the many reasons the Nissan Versa is still in production today is because it offers fantastic quality at an affordable price. It’s a well-built vehicle that is manufactured to stand the test of time. In a world where most manufacturers are moving to SUV crossovers, the Nissan Versa stands out because it offers a comfortable, reliable ride, without skimping on performance.

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