How To Check Brake Fluid

March 1st, 2024 by

How To Check Brake Fluid

Your brakes are one of your vehicle’s most important systems, and without your brakes, your vehicle cannot stop or slow down, and they also help you turn safely. Maintaining your braking system is important to keeping your vehicle operating safely. Luckily, there are many obvious warning signs that your brakes are going, and to be extra sure you can even check your own brake fluid! Checking your brake fluid is an easy process, and doing it yourself can help you avoid the dealership. Find out how to change your brake fluid and why, and if you decide you need help, Premier Clearance Center Metairie has drivers from Metairie, New Orleans, and Kenner covered with our service center.

Signs Your Brakes Need Inspection

Your brakes will wear down every so often, but luckily there are telltale signs that your brakes need inspection, repair, or full on replacement. These include audio cues such as squealing or squeaking noises or grinding noises, You can also feel them while you drive, such as wobbling or vibrating of the vehicle when braking, soft or spongy breaks, or if your car pulls to one side. In addition, you also may be able to smell burning rubber, see leaking fluid, and your brake indicator light could also be on. If you feel as though you are currently experiencing any of these, take your vehicle to our service center to find out if there is an issue.

How To Check Brake Fluid

In order to check your brake fluid, you have to be able to identify the main components of your braking system. The brake’s booster will usually be on the driver’s side of the vehicle, and from there you can easily locate the brake’s master cylinder. Above the master cylinder, there will be a large reservoir with a cap on it, and that is where your brake fluid is contained. To check your fluid, clean the top of the reservoir to prevent dirt from falling in. Open the top of the reservoir, and look to see where the level lies. It’s important to note the color of the fluid because if it is a dark color it needs to be replaced.

Why Do I Need to Change my Brake Fluid?

Brake fluid becomes less effective over time, and as it becomes contaminated it should be fully flushed and replaced if possible. ABS and traction control systems tend to heat up when they activate, which can shorten the lifespan of your brake fluid. Also, as the fluid ages, it becomes contaminated with particles that can damage your entire system. Lastly, brake fluid attracts moisture, which can cause corrosion on your brakes.