The History of INFINITI

INFINITI is known for its luxurious vehicles and had developed a reputation for comfort and sophistication inside its models. INFINITI is Nissan’s luxury vehicle division and has been successful for over 30 years, with the QX50 as its best-selling vehicle.

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INFINITI Throughout Time

On November 8, 1989, INFINITI officially started selling vehicles in North America. The first model introduced was the INFINITI Marque, and was launched with two models-the Q45 and the M30. The look of the M30 has almost no resemblance to the larger Q45, and the interior of the car was almost completely different. The INFINITI badge has a double meaning according to the company, as it represents both a road extending into the horizon and of Mount Fuji, reflecting Japanese origins.

INFINITI then introduced a third model in September 1990, the INFINITI G20. INFINITI also introduced a four-door coupe J30 in 1992 for the 1993 model year, with only one engine option-the 210 horsepower VG30DE. The QX4 was released in 1996 modified with premium accommodations to the Nissan Pathfinder which become one of the first luxury car manufacturers to offer a mid-size SUV.

Nissan had a well-established reputation in Japan with premium-level performance sedans, and in 2003 the release of the sporty Fx35 and 45 crossovers helped add success to the G35. INFINITI added an all-wheel-drive version of the G35 sports sedan in 2004 to compete with similar all-wheel-drive sedans. Helping redefine INFINITI as the “Japanese BMW”, was the G series, which aimed at being better than the BMW 3 Series. A redesigned version of the G35 sedan was launched in November 2006 for the 2007 model year. In August 2007 a new version of the G coupe and the G37 were also launched.

INFINITI launched a new powertrain for Europe at the 2010 Geneva Motor Show, with a new V9X engine. This engine is used in the INFINITI FX, EX, and the new INFINITI M. The G series, which consists of sedans, coupes, and convertibles, accounted for 60% of sales as of 2011. INFINITI announced its Q30 Concept car in 2013 and would get its world premiere at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor show.

The model designation changed for INFINITI’s coupes and sedans starting with the letter Q, while SUVs and crossovers start with QX, and the number represents the models’ place in the brand lineup. For example, the G sedan was replaced with the Q50, while the M sedan became the Q70.

Despite INFINITI’s short history, it has established a solid reputation as an exceptional automaker. Whether you’re looking for a compact SUV, an eye-catching coupe, a luxury sedan, or a larger seven-seating family vehicle, INFINITI is where to look!