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The right family SUV should be safe, reliable, and fun to drive. There are a lot of factors to consider when you’re looking for an SUV, so it can be easy to get overwhelmed. If you’re looking for a model that is well-rounded and spacious, then the Kia Sorento might be the right pick for you. The Kia Sorento has consistently been a great model over the years. You can find your favorite version today when you view our used inventory at Premier Clearance Center Metairie.

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The Kia Sorento’s Early Iterations

The Kia Sorento was originally equipped with a strong 3.5L V6 engine, so it offered a considerable amount of power from the start. This would change in 2007 though, as Kia decided to upgrade this model with a new 3.8L engine that could put out up to 262 horsepower. With a part-time four-wheel drive system as well, it’s a capable vehicle on and off the road. By the time 2011 rolled around, it would become modernized with features like Bluetooth connectivity and even an optional large sunroof on higher trims. There was also the optional third-row seat, which gave the model some added versatility.

The Kia Sorento’s New Design

If you’re searching for a used Sorento, then you may want to keep an eye out for the 2016 redesign. It gave drivers a choice between three different engines, but each one pairs with a six-speed automatic transmission. The heaviest hitter of the bunch offers up to 290 horsepower, giving you a smooth and reliable drive. You might also run into available features like Adaptive Cruise Control, Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, and more. It saw another redesign in 2021, which included smart features that expand your capability like the All-Wheel Drive System.

A Consistent SUV

Whether you’re looking at a version of the Sorento from 2007 or one from 2023, you can expect a few things to remain the same. It continues to offer drivers a great amount of space inside, and you should have a stunning amount of power. Kia also heavily focused on safety features throughout the years. If you’re wondering what features are afforded to a specific year, then you can always ask our staff for additional information.

The Different Versions of The Sorento

Over the years, there have been a lot of different engines afforded to the Sorento. There’s even a Plug-in hybrid version of this model, so if you’re trying to be as efficient as possible, it’s a great choice. If you’re trying to see which version of the Sorento is right for you, and you’re near  Slidell, Metairie, or Chalmette, then you can view our inventory today at Premier Clearance Center Metairie.

A Roomy Interior

Depending on the version of the Sorento that you find, you can fit up to seven passengers. This makes it a great SUV for larger families, as you won’t have to worry about taking two vehicles to your next event. This might seem like a small difference, but when two vehicles are on the road, you’re going to be consuming twice the amount of gas. Because of this seating arrangement, it’s also a great choice for carpooling or long road trips.


When you need a reliable model for your family, the Kia Sorento is a great choice. You can find it in our used inventory at Premier Clearance Center Metairie.