How To Make Your Tires Last Longer

March 1st, 2024 by

How To Make Your Tires Last Longer

Tires are the ultimate communicator between your vehicle and the road underneath you. The shape that your tires are in determines your speed, acceleration, turning ability, ability to grip the road, and so much more. Unfortunately, your tires are an element of your vehicle that experiences a ton of wear and tear and need to be maintained and replaced like many other vehicle components. You can extend the life of your vehicle by observing basic tire maintenance, recognizing tire problems, and understanding how having multiple sets of tires for each season can help your tires last longer. At Premier Clearance Center in Metairie, we urge all of our drivers from New Orleans, Metairie, and Kenner to have a strong understanding of the importance of tire maintenance.

Basic Tire Maintenance

Detecting issues with your tires before they become dangerous can both be done at home and the shop when you come in for your regular maintenance. At home, you can check your tire pressure with a simple gauge, and make sure that it is within the manufacturer’s parameters. While getting serviced, you can have your mechanic perform a number of things to help keep your tires in great shape and extend their functionality.

Recognizing Tire Issues

For most vehicles, you should be able to visually inspect your tires in addition to pressure checks to see if anything is wrong. Many issues with your vehicle or tires have visual signs that are indicated by the tread patterns on your tires. Tread patterns are indicative of if your tires are inflated properly, if your wheels are misaligned, or if you need to rotate or re-balance your tires. You can also check tire tread at home, and identify the possible issues by odd tread patterns. Incorrect tread patterns may include:

  • Inner and Outer tread wear
  • Center wear
  • Edge Wear
  • Cupping or diagonal scalloping
  • Patchy or uneven wear around the tire

Many of these issues can be resolved at a service center, and a full inspection should be done to make sure there are no bigger issues within your vehicle.

Understanding Seasonal Tires

Tires also have more than one type of tread, and can their usage can be optimized depending on the season or overall weather conditions. In summer, you can have tires with a slightly smoother tread meant for sunny days and dry roads. In winter and spring, during the wetter, cooler months, you can have tires with thicker treads to manage slippery, snowy, or icy roads in inclement weather. By having multiple sets of tires, you can extend the life of each pair by staying diligent about switching them out each season.

Tire Center at Premier Clearance Center Metairie

Choosing the right type of tire for your vehicle is most important when it comes to driving safely, and Premier Clearance Center Metairie can help. For each oil change you schedule with us, we can also perform a tire rotation or re-balance depending on what your vehicle needs. Schedule with our team of technicians to take a look at your tires and help you stay safe on the road.