Top 6 Restaurants In Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Baton Rouge is home to a variety of cuisine, with something to tempt every palate. So, whether you live in New OrleansMetairie, or St. Rose, you’ll want to know where to grab a good meal in Baton Rouge.

Anthony’s Italian Deli

For better than 40 years, the staff at Anthony’s Italian Deli has been plating up some amazing meals. Known to have some of the best muffalettas outside of New Orleans, they also offer amazing Po’ Boys, like the pepperoni pizza version as well as Italian favorites like lasagna and spaghetti. If you’re not in the mood for a sandwich or pasta, try their delicious salads, like their ‘muff salad’ with olive dressing or the caprese salad. They also have great desserts like spumoni and cannelloni.


Head to the rooftop of the Shaw Center in Baton Rouge and check out Tsunami. A unique dining experience, Tsunami provides sushi and an amazing view of the Mississippi River that is a must see in Baton Rouge. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere in an excellent getaway lunch venue. Want a taste of Louisiana? Get a Ragin’ Cajun Roll with panko fried alligator.

Elsie’s Plate And Pie

With a legacy going back to 1944, this establishment honors the memory of chef and owner Paul Chauvin Dupre’s late grandmother Elsie, who began baking pies back in 1944. Today, the quality of pie offered is simply the best. Enjoy great dessert pies and some classic meal pies inspired by Louisiana itself, like the Natchitoches Meat Pie, Crawfish Hand Pie, Seafood Pot Pie, Louisiana Chicken Pot Pie and more. If you don’t like pies, don’t worry, other menu choices include dishes like the boudin burger, crawfish melt, and fried seafood platters.

Mansurs On The Boulevard

At Mansurs, you can enjoy some wonderful seafood fare like their signature cream of brie and crabmeat soup with thick lumps of crabmeat in melted brie cheese to create a flavorful soup of fantastic seafood delight. Fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico and traditional Creole recipes make this a place you’ll want to visit over and over.

Cecelia Creole Bistro

Cecilia’s casual dining experience features authentic Louisiana dishes. Start your meal with pork belly and andouille egg rolls or sweet spicy alligator. Then, move on to main courses like redfish, shrimp and grits, jerk fried chicken, pork porterhouse, Cajun grouper, and seafood pasta.

Louie’s Café

A 24-hour café, Louie’s Cafe has been in business since 1941 with comfort food and an old-school diner feel. Any late night in Baton Rouge can end at Louie’s where patrons can enjoy a signature omelet like the Seafood Louie with shrimp, crawfish, and herbed cream sauce or Louie’s famous Veggie Omelet with 10-different vegetables, or enjoy The Mitchell, an omelet with Louie’s famous hash browns.

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